What to Expect

Never been to a wood and paint studio? No worries, you are not alone!  Here is what to expect when you arrive:

Both your wood and your personalized stencil will be ready for you. In order to protect your clothing, you will want to put on the apron provided.

Once everyone has settled in, we will begin class. A typical class will last for 2-2.5 hours. Larger pieces and furniture projects may last up to 3.5 hours.

The instructor will guide you through the process, from start to finish. We will also help you with the selection of stain and paint color options. We will be hands-on throughout the entire workshop, but if at any time you have questions or need help, please let us know! We are there to HELP YOU!! 

As the workshop progresses, know that not everyone will be moving at the same pace. This is normal – don’t compare yourself to anyone else. This is YOUR project and YOUR experience! HAVE FUN, ENJOY YOURSELF, and BE PROUD of your creation!

When you have finished your project, you are free to go! BUT before you go, and if you are up for it, we’d love to get a picture of you with your project for our gallery!

Last, but certainly, not least … we are so grateful to you for spending time with us at our workshop, and we hope to see you again very soon!

What Our Makers Are Saying

I've attended several public Hammer and Stain (Houston) events and they are SO much fun! I pick my custom piece a couple of weeks ahead of time and then show up and paint! It's that easy! Alye is super organized and professional. She has your piece ready to go with all the necessary supplies, tools, paint, etc. laid out and ready to go.  She is patient and makes sure everyone is having a great time! This is an activity that any age group can participate in which is awesome! I can see her private parties being a fun team building experience at work or just a random "girls' night" in activity.  I will be booking a private party with Alye soon!!

Lindsey K. Houston, TX

Hire Alye for any and every party. Even if you aren't creatively inclined, Alye provides step-by-step fool-proof handholding and support for crafters at any stage. This was such a great value and take away project.

Casey B. Houston, TX

So much fun to host a Hammer & Stain party with Alye! She was prompt and professional, but still made our guests feel at ease. We planned to have the party outside and she brought tables and chairs and set them up quickly. Unfortunately, it began raining and we decided to move everything inside, Alye made the transition inside easy and took great care to keep the paint/mess contained. Definitely would recommend, and look forward to painting & creating with Hammer & Stain again.

Mikel J. Houston, TX

This was AMAZING!!! Thanks for making this experience so wonderful. I will make sure to recommend to everyone. Alye is amazing and is the best employee they have!

Don C. Houston, TX

Alye is the absolute best.  Organized, enthusiastic, fun, and positive.  Works with all levels, perfect for any party or team building event. Highly recommend!!!

Ali C. Houston, TX